Consideration of Color Bearer Height and Waist Level is Mandatory

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It boggles my mind that harness socket height is rarely considered. It’s time members of a color guard were made aware of the requirement. MCO 5060.20 states that colors are carried at the same level. If that is not possible, the national colors can be minimally higher but NEVER lower. TC 3-21.5 states colors are carried at the same level/height.

A DrillMaster Study of Mark Time

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Marching in place, marking time. Many think they know how to do it. There are three different regulation drill techniques for the US military and two techniques for ceremonial drill.

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Practice Never Makes Perfect

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“Practice makes perfect” is the usual phrase, or you may hear the modified “perfect practice makes perfect”, which doesn’t even make sense. What exactly is “perfect practice”? I really do not like either of those phrases at all because they are quite meaningless. Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. Vince Lombardi The learning …

How to Call Commands

Your Command Voice

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Have you considered your command voice? Have you looked at your service’s manual and actually read about what it says on the proper way to call commands? No, it doesn’t say monotone is OK, it doesn’t say the gravel-in-your-throat style is a good style, it says use inflection, be clear and more! Read for yourself! Don’t rely on a senior …