The Redundancy of State Orders for Half-Staff Flags: A Clarification for Governors

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When the President of the United States orders the American flag to be flown at half-staff, it serves as a directive for federal buildings and grounds across the nation. This article aims to clarify for state governors the redundancy of issuing separate orders for the same purpose.

The North Andover, MA Debacle

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Absent-minded actions are leading to unnecessary anger and hostility. Nice job. If you had pulled your heads out of your virtue signaling backsides for a minute and actually read the Flag Code, you would have seen, in black and white, wording that explains national flags are flown from separate poles only!

The Why of the Military Color Guard – JROTC and the State Flag

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It is very common to see JROTC color guards carrying their state flag instead of the departmental or organizational flag. The reason behind teams carrying the state flag is that military flags have very specific requirements to be dipped, state flags don’t.

Outside Flag Display Protocol

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Update for May 2022! To download a 2-sided PDF handout of this article, click here. Please help educate as many people as possible by emailing or printing it out and handing it to those who need the information. For years people have verbally attacked each other over what they thought they know to be true, especially where flag display is …

Color Guard Flag Protocol

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The National Ensign/American Flag For the National Ensign/Color/American Flag, military and other color guards will always hold its staff vertical (Marine Corps, Navy, & Coast Guard and US Certified Ceremonial Guardsmen) or slightly incline it forward (Army only), depending on the service drill and ceremonies manual for regulation or ceremonial drill. The minimum color guard compliment requirement is the American …