First American Flag Triangle Fold into the Canton

The Meaning of the Thirteen Flag Folds

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There is no official meaning to the folds of the American flag.

No matter how strongly anyone insists that there is, there really isn’t any meaning behind a single fold. Click here for different unofficial flag fold scripts. There is a proper way to fold it, however.

Many videos liter the internet of how to fold the flag. In all honesty, most of these videos show terrible folding techniques. There’s even a flag company video that shows two employees folding the flag- upside down and backwards. Really. Several honor guard units also posted some videos showing very bad fold techniques.

Sagging, flipping, and ending the fold with red and even stripes showing, all are available for your viewing horror.

Please note. There is no other technique for folding the flag than making two horizontal folds and then thirteen triangle folds. While each military service has a slight variation as to how this is ultimately accomplished, there is no other authorized way.

I made the following video while I worked with a Army-based cadet organization located in Kentucky. I taught all ceremonial elements during the first and only Cadet Joint Service Honor Guard Academy.

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