Drill Team Recruiting

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DrillMaster explains a different approach to the problem of drill team practice attendance and recruiting.

The Military Hand Salute

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This article originally published on Dec 30, 2014 under the title, When in Doubt, Salute! This is the second update and rearrangement of information to help everyone understand this subject better. How to Salute The services have slightly different techniques. One technique is followed by the Army and Air Force. The middle finger is placed on the corner of the …

New Leader Syndrome

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Yes, it’s true, there is a plague that spreads about this time every year among many schools’ JROTC programs: the new leadership for the unit is being picked and the old leadership is getting ready to graduate. Here is the question I get most often at the end of each school year: “I’m going to be the new (Armed/Unarmed Drill …


JROTC, ROTC and More!

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This page is the culmination of hours of research to bring information on all of the cadet programs available American youth. If youknow of yet another program, please let me know and I will add their information. JROTC Programs (in joint service order) JROTC stand for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and is a high school program sponsored by each …

When Calling Commands, where does the commander face?

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When Calling Commands, where does the commander face? (ROTC, JROTC) Those of us who have worked with Army units have had it drilled into our heads that you MUST face your platoon when giving commands during regulation drill. This necessitates a face-in-march or even marching backwards at times. Here is the excerpt from T.C. 3-21.5: 3-1 “a. When at the …

Exhibition Color Guard? Consensus Says it’s OK!

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I cannot even bring myself to insert a picture of a color guard performing exhibition moves. Instead, here is an awesome firefighter color guard, the members of which were trained by yours truly. Reference: Training Circular 3-21.5; Marine Corps Order P5060.20; AF Manual 36-2203; The Honor Guard Manual I have heard from several cadets that their color guard has performed …

The Three Types of Respect

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And you probably thought there was only one type. I did initially. Thank you very much to my Facebook friends who chimed in giving me their requested feedback for this article. Very interesting! I need to make one point very clear, it does not matter what one “thinks” about this subject. “I think respect is…” What you think, what I …

The Graveside Sequence For Funeral Directors Part 2

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The Modified Funeral Sequence Again, military and first responder funerals are about the deceased, but for the family. The honor guard arrives one hour before the ceremony and makes a couple of dry runs in their travel uniform. Fifteen to 20 minutes before the funeral, the team changes into their ceremonial uniform and forms up each element, pall bearers should face the grave. When …

The Little Honor Guard Members

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I have been scouring the internet for many years learning about the differences in military drill around the world. One thing that isn’t different is the interest that many young men and women enjoy in the hours of work it takes to present a superior drill team (called an “honor guard” in Asia) performance and in some cases, age does …

The JROTC Instructor and The DrillMaster

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I have heard at times from cadets that I say the same thing as their JROTC instructors. That is a good thing. It shows that the JROTC instructors are on the right track of creating a solid educational foundation for their teams (color guard and drill team). The instructors may not teach just like me, but different approaches offer fresh …