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Responding To Your Own Commands

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Commanders for Parade Staff, Flag Detail, and Color Guard, do not come to Attention (from Parade Rest) to call their formation to Attention. This article is for every branch of the US military and all cadets. The commander, in all three instances, is part of the formation and does not move independently of the other members of the formation. This is for uniformity.

The Bad JROTC Color Guard Routine

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JROTC does not have consistency or uniformity for the most part. While there are some adequate routines for competitions, none of them really employ all of the skills required for a colors presentation. Some of the routines out there do not make sense and others have commands that do not exist. Speaking of which.

The History of Fringe

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Theories abound about the flag, the fringe, the finial, and even the direction the flag is displayed. It’s a but ridiculous. Having said that, there may be some tiny bit of truth to admiralty law being represented by fringe, maybe. Still, knowledge of history is going to be our friend and help us understand what fantasy is and what is truth. Let’s start here.

The Colors Presentation That Never Happened

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Mrs. DrillMaster and I were stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base from 2009-2011. Her last base before retiring while I was already retired for three years. I joined the Base Honor Guard as an AP3 member and became the trainer for a while. During my tenure there, we fielded one of many color guards, this one for a change of command ceremony in a hangar on the flightline.

Recommended Equipment for a Color Guard

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I received such a great question that it spurred me into creating a new tag #DrillMasterRecommends, and writing this article. Thank you, Jari Villanueva, The Taps Bugler! Question: I’m looking at updating our organization’s flags. Our new Honor Guard would like to purchase an American flag a state flag, poles for each, and bases. What do you recommend? For a …

Three-Man Color Team for former President Ronald Reagan

Civil Air Patrol, Naval Sea Cadet Corps, or Coast Guard Auxiliary Member Funeral

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I received a message a short time ago regarding cadets taking part in the funeral of a civilian adult who was a member of Civil Air Patrol. This applies not only to CAP but also NSCC, and CGA (CGA has some interaction with the Sea Scout program). Military Funeral Honors Public Law 106-65 amended Title 10 U.S. Code § 1491 …

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Severe Ignorance Concerning the Color Guard

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I wrote the article, All About “Color Guard” and “Color Team” (please read it, it will help you understand this article) because of the use of the term “color team” in ceremonial drill and also because some in the military community act arrogantly toward marching band color guards. I never dreamed I would receive such a horrible, insulting comment from a marching band color guard girl in defense of what she thinks she understands.

Don’t Form a Color Guard

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I always look forward to all kinds of organizations forming color guards and seeing the results of educated, trained, and well rehearsed teams. Except…

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The Purpose of Military Drill and Ceremonies

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The benefits of drill and ceremonies (D&C) are numerous and I won’t restate them here but I will use a couple of them to make my point about the purpose and to see how we are generally failing to use drill and ceremonies for its intended purpose and thus unable to reap the benefits.