DrillMaster University

DrillMaster Online Training

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  1. Ceremonial Drill
  2. Regulation Drill
  3. Armed and Unarmed Exhibition Drill

All for:

  • Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve
  • ROTC Cadets
  • JROTC Cadets
  • Sea Cadets
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Young Marines
  • Sea Scouts
  • Pathfinders
  • Scout-like Programs
  • And more!

It’s a great work on progress!

Become DrillMaster Certified!

You can be certified by the DrillMaster in many different categories by going through the courses I have developed.

There are drill masters for drill teams, military schools and certain American military units and I applaud your efforts and achievements! The next level is becoming a Certified DrillMaster. There is a difference.

Becoming Certified takes study and testing along with application. Current certifications include:

  • Certified DrillMaster – Regulation Drill & Protocol
    • Exhibition Drill Endorsement
    • Ceremonial Drill Endorsement
    • Adjudication Endorsement
    • American/Commonwealth Drill Endorsement (working)
  • DrillMaster Certified Honor Guard Trainer – get certification to train your unit’s honor guard (first responders)
  • DrillMaster Certified Trainer (may add Exhibition Drill Endorsement) – Geared more for cadets and cadets program adults (Sea Cadets, CAP, etc.)
  • DrillMaster Certified Pathfinder Drill Specialist – Seventh Day Adventist Church Only

Go to the front page and send me an email through the contact form for more information on certifications!

DrillMaster Certified United States Ceremonial Guardsman

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First responder honor guard training based on the book, The Honor Guard Manual, that isn’t offered anywhere else. Ceremonial units need to have a training program that has a solid foundation based on a national standard. This course and The Honor Guard Manual establishes that. Your team can learn every ceremonial element for a funeral plus the standards and techniques for colors presentations and much more.

JROTC and Cadet Program Certifications and Training

High School/College Drill Team (Armed and Unarmed) and Color Guard Instruction

Schedule a clinic to have the DrillMaster come teach:

  • #BeReplaceable JROTC Certification Program – certification for the unit and individual cadets!
  • DrillUp! Clinic – all aspects of regulation drill for the whole JROTC unit during the school day or summer clinic
  • Competition Drill Team and Color Guard regulation drill standards
  • Exhibition drill: I work with students and/or instructors to create a routine while everyone learns the techniques of routine creation

Go to the front page and send me an email through the contact form for more information on certifications!

“Education Is The Key!”

DrillMaster’s DrillUp! Clinic

Information About the World Drill Association. The WDA is for the best experience when performing at and judging drill meets.

Drill Team Improvement Seminar

For cadets, explorers and their instructors! JROTC units across the country send drill teams and colors guards to drill competitions for many of the school year’s Saturdays. Whether your team is competitive in World Class events or can only afford a couple of hours of practice each week, everyone can benefit from this course.

Download the flyer from the Resources page.

Learn More About The Seminar

Professional Critiques

Competitive Drill Critiques!
Your team can have a video consultation done by the DrillMaster.

The best visual judging is accomplished by separate captions: Overall Effect, Composition Analysis, Equipment and Movement.

DrillMaster Audio Performance Critiques (an MP3 voice commentary recording that is given concurrent with the performance either live or from a video) are not much longer than the performance itself unless I really need to go in-depth, which I do often for video performances.

Written Critiques (only accomplished through watching a video) are as long as necessary and can go into great depth.

A Caption-Merged Critique offers a small sampling from each caption of the individual’s or team’s performance. A Caption-Specific Critique concentrates on going in-depth on only one aspect at a time of the same performance.

What Get’s a Critique
Color Guard
Drill Team (2 members [tandem] or more) in Exhibition or Regulation
Solo Exhibition

What can you get from an audio or written consultation/critique? Plenty! You can learn what is required to achieve your best in each of the four visual captions, you can understand the nuances of visual design and routine programming and, most importantly, you can understand the balance of the “what” and the “how.”

To schedule a critique, use the contact form on the home page to contact the DrillMaster.