British Soldiers Trooping the Colour

Why we Perform Ceremonies

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Why do all of this ceremonial “stuff”? Some believe (wrongly) that all this is just a, waste of time, effort, money, etc. Gone are the days of the Army never entering Rome, which was seen as an act of aggression and possible overthrow of the government, which, in that day, it was. Read about crossing the Rubicon and the phrase “The die is cast”, alea iacta est.

AJROTC Armed Platoon Nixa School District

When Does the Commander Move to Port From Sling and Back?

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Recently, I received a question that deserves to be an article. This happens constantly and is part of what I have called Filling in the Gaps. While I have been made fun of for using that term, there will always be someone with a question. They have a gap in their knowledge and are seeking to fill it.

Proper Technique For the Platoon Commander

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Here is the situation: The regulation drill sequence for a platoon. The commander, three steps away from and centered on the platoon in Line Formation, gives the following commands: Command The Commander Left Step Right Step Left Face Stands Fast Right Step Marches Backward at Half Step About Face Stands Fast Forward March Steps off with a Face-In-March to the …


What is the Position of Attention?

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Versión en español a continuación. Description This isn’t a complete definition, it’s to give us an idea of what we use it for at it’s basic level. It’s the position from which all movement is performed. The body, held in a fairly rigid stance and yet without tension, must remain at Attention for facing movements, faces-in-marching, the hand salute, and …

A Message From a CAP Cadet

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A short time ago I received an email through my website that is indicative of the messages I receive from Civil Air Patrol cadets and adults in general. This is my response to the cadet. Dear CAP Cadet, my answers are after each of your questions preceded by “%”. I’m trying to start a color guard at my Civil Air …

Presenting the Colors at a Sporting Event

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In 2017 I was talking with one of the JROTC instructors at one of the local high schools where I have taught in the afternoons and he was relaying the story of their color guard presenting the colors for a professional ball club and how the training I gave the team really helped since it provided the cadets and the …