A DrillMaster Study on Present Arms with a Rifle

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You really need to read this to better understand the techniques required for Present. The service rifle changes over time to whatever the Army and Marine Corps decide to use as the primary weapon for the majority of Soldiers and Marines. For many years that has been the M16 and now the M4 is making its way into each service. For this study we will look at each current platform to include the M1 Garand, M14, and M1903 tracking the history of each, if necessary.

How to Execute Carry Arms

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This is the safest way to carry an unloaded or replica rifle. Everyone needs to adopt this carry right away- Port Arms is not the way to transport a rifle unless you are in formation and there isn’t anyone around. Carry Arms is a move executed while carrying a a rifle, fire axe or pike pole. This is the safest …