How to Execute Carry Arms

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This is the safest way to carry an unloaded or replica rifle. Everyone needs to adopt this carry right away- Port Arms is not the way to transport a rifle unless you are in formation and there isn’t anyone around.

Carry Arms is a move executed while carrying a a rifle, fire axe or pike pole. This is the safest way to travel with any piece of equipment, especially a rifle. When traveling to and from your practice area, at a drill meet, etc., this is the safest way to carry your rifle, axe or pole.

Pictured below are the movements for the rifle.

The command is, Carry, ARMS, and is given while at Attention and at Order Arms. The command is executed at quick time in 3 counts.


Begin, Attention/Order Arms

Count 1

Count 2A
(immediately assume the next position, 2B, below)

Count 2B

Count 3

For a complete description of this move and all other drill movements for the flag, rifle, sword/saber, ceremonial pike pole and ceremonial fire axe, get your copy of The Honor Guard Manual.



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