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The World Drill Association Ultimate Inspection

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When I was a cadet at New Mexico Military Institute, we had a yearly inspection competition between each company. It was called the Sally Port Inspection. A sally port is a controlled entryway to a fort or even a prison. In the image below is the entry point or Sally Port for Hagerman Barracks. What cadets call the “Box” at …

The DrillMaster Honor Guard Staff Assistance Visit

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In the military we have two types of visits from higher HQ: 1. Inspections and, 2. Staff Assistance Visits (SAV). Inspections are to gauge an organization’s effectiveness on a pass/fail or multiple rating standard. However, SAVs are meant to help an organization improve- it’s an inspection, but without the stigma of a judgmental rating. It is an educational process. Inspections have their place, most definitely, but …

Know What to Say and How to Say it

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Reporting statements are a must for all competitive drill teams, color teams (color guards), tetrads (4-man), teandems (2-man) and solos. Even if the performance is not on the competitive field all, except for the color team, can have an introduction statement for the audience. Team Responses for Inspection Your team should have standardized responses for each team member when addressed …