The DrillMaster Honor Guard Staff Assistance Visit

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The DrillMasterIn the military we have two types of visits from higher HQ: 1. Inspections and, 2. Staff Assistance Visits (SAV).

Inspections are to gauge an organization’s effectiveness on a pass/fail or multiple rating standard. However, SAVs are meant to help an organization improve- it’s an inspection, but without the stigma of a judgmental rating. It is an educational process. Inspections have their place, most definitely, but a SAV is like a fact-finding mission to see how well a program is doing and what areas can be improved.

In our case the program is an honor guard unit’s training and operations programs. Now, DrillMaster Honor Guard Academies and clinics offer an optional SAV. A DrillMaster SAV is also available separate from other DrillMaster Training as a one- to two-day visit. Contact me for complete details.

You can download the DrillMaster Training Staff Assistance Visit Form and use it to help your own program succeed.

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