To the Rear March Official and Unofficial Techniques

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DrillMaster explains To the Rear March for Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, Sea Cadets, Sea Scouts, MCJROTC, NJROTC, CGJROTC, and Young Marines.

The Honor and Sword/Saber Cordons

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The Cordon Comprised of two squads facing each other. Spacing between members of each squad is usually an arm’s distance. Spacing between each squad of the cordon is a safe enough distance for the VIP to pass in between the squads*. The number of members in each squad depends on the type of cordon. The commander positions centered, behind one …

“Root Step” and Command Pronunciation

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When we give commands to a formation, the words and your voice need to have several different attributes (click here for complete information on the command voice). One of the attributes that is never addressed is how to pronounce certain words. The two words that are constantly butchered by cadets and members of the military are Route and Oblique. The …

The Marine Corps’ Silver Bands

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                        If you see the Marine Corps Color Guard based at the Marine Barracks in Washington D.C., you will notice something a little different about the flagstaff of the Marine Battle Colors (the MC flag that has the Corps’ battle streamers hanging from it). Look at the picture at right. …

Do Standards even Matter?

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The picture at right was sent to me by a Facebook friend who is an Army JROTC instructor in Texas. He sent it with the note that, at this particular drill meet, the SOP stated that only authorized service uniforms were to be worn. He told me the reason for the strict uniform requirements: One year I saw a color guard …

Dress Right, DRESS!

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Dress Right, DRESS! If you are in the military. a cadet program or even a firefighter, law enforcement or EMS, you’ve heard this command at least once. While you may be amazed with my drawing abilities, stay focused on the info! Each service, (the Marine Corps Order pushes out to the Navy and Coast Guard) spells out in some detail …