How Much Should I Practice?

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This is a great question that I receive every so often. So, here’s an example of how you can begin spinning a rifle (or any other type of practice) and progress to a level of proficiency with which you are comfortable.

The Flagstaff Ban

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I’m from Arizona and I’m not talking about the wonderful college town in the northern part of my home state. I’m talking about the color guard flagstaff. Tyranny, again I do not want this article to get political but this has to do with politics; the convoluted, oppressive world of politics. As you read on, please use the picture above …

Sunglasses in Uniform

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When you have to carry an urn for a funeral but you have to look cool at the same time. The usual, every-day wear is authorized in the US military, just not in formation, unless prescribed by a doctor. No sunglasses for pallbearers or, for that matter, color guard, firing party, and even the bugler – sunglasses cut off your …