Color Guard Part 1: Preventing “Flag Wrap”

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In competition, (A & AF) JROTC color teams must follow their service drill and ceremonies manual to the letter, for ceremonies, we can incorporate some tools to help navigate around possible problems. The wind can be a serious issue, especially when at Order or when traveling. However, remember this: you may not tuck your color, per the manual, but that is only for a competition. Even when walking over to the color guard competition area, you can still control your color by tucking it.

Flag WrapMembers of a military color team (color guard) have all kinds of issues with which to deal and some can be eliminated. If you have ever been on a team, you know the concerns and “Flag Wrap” is one of them, but not for all color guards. Let’s unwrap (pun intended) this further.

The Army and Air Force drill and ceremonies manuals have nothing to say about tucking a color under the right arm, between the arm and the staff, but the Marine Corps manual, followed by the Navy and Coast Guard, dictates that the colors will be secured and the specific method to secure them. Granted, the MC manual says to not “tuck” the flag, that means to not stuff it behind you with your left hand while holding the staff with your right. What I mean when I say, “Tuck”, is the what the MC manual also describes, hold the staff with the left hand and bring the flag under the right arm between the arm and staff (never between the staff and body).

The safest way to travel while holding a color:

The point is- keep control of your color at all times!


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