The Colors Reverse How-to

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We can read in the Army Training Circular how to execute a Colors Reverse and even see the provided diagrams but it sometimes really helps to see exactly what the feet do by breaking down the whole process. The Colors Reverse turns the team around 180 degrees without executing a wheel movement.

UPDATE (Dec 2022) This video explains everything about Colors Reverse. It took me days of painstaking research and hours of reasoning through the process for each team member.

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  1. For AF/Army is the video correct or am I looking at it wrong? I.E. The Army TC says the guards take one full and 3 half steps, but it looks like they do something different in video. Also, in the AF/Army foot diagrams, it looks like the RRG depicts one full and 3 half steps but the LRG doesn’t. Am I just not understanding it? Thanks for all you do and the great info and instruction you provide.

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      In the diagrams that I created, I do have the half and full steps indicated. There are separate diagrams. The foot placement diagrams did not enable me to indicate step size. Read everything there.

      1. Thank you sir. It looks like the RRG diagram is correct for Army/AF above? Looks like it depicts full step and and 3 half steps after face-in-marching. I have watched national drill comp videos for Color Guard and been to local drill comps, and none I have seen execute this as laid out. They simply do some flanks and no half steps anywhere. For them, it is easier to execute (easier to also stay on step with 4 people). I assume that not many people and judges really know what is correct for this movement?

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  2. Doesn’t the Army TC say the guards do one full and 3 half steps? In the video, it looks like they they do something a little different (so is what they do correctt?). In the AF/Army foot diagrams above, it looks like this is shown correctly for the RRG, but the LRG looks different than one full and 3 half steps. Am I looking at it all wrong? Thanks for all you do, and the great info you provide.

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