Color Guard Flag Stand Problems Resolved

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Flag Stand Help (3)Many of us have been in the situation of posting the colors in a low-profile flag stand and have tried all kinds of things to stop the flag from looking like can’t stand up straight. At right, is one method of trying to fix the problem, stuffing cardboard or paper towels around the inside of the hole of the stand. It really doesn’t work all that well, though. There is always a possibility that the material used will shift or flatten out and the staff and flag will tilt to one side causing embarrassment. There’s no need for concern!

mfs1_standIf you have the funds, you should get this floor stand. It looks amazing and is the perfect stand for an honor guard. Several years ago, I worked with Wendy Lazar, the former owner of Glendale Paradestore, to sell the version without the three-flag adapter, which is what color guard units need when posting colors. It is, however, almost $300. Click the image to go to the stand’s page at Paradestore.

Glandale Floor Stand Adapters 1101and1102Glendale Paradestore has a less expensive solution that is about $20, pictured here. You can click the image and it will take you to the page. This is the perfect solution if you have a low-profile floor stand. But what if you have quite a few stands? The price can add up considerably. Flag Stand Help (4)In steps a friend of mine, Officer George Hallett of the UC Berkeley Police Department. When he attended a DrillMaster Honor Guard Academy in 2014, I told the students of the above adapters and how effective they were. At lunch, he walked in the classroom with a tube that goes under a sink. He picked it up at a hardware store for, wait for it, $8! The only issue is that it is threaded at both ends. However, the threads are few and from a short distance, they are difficult to see.

Flag Stand Help (1)If you have silver stands, all you have to do is remove the labels and you are good to go. If your stands are gold, paint the tube gold. Easy.




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