How to Expand Your Vocabulary

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The first thing you need to do when working with a rifle or sword/saber is to be comfortable with that piece of equipment. Your comfort level determines how well you will drill. When you have mastered the manual of arms and have begun to explore single hand spins, double handed spins, behind-the-back (BTB) spins and even over-the-head (OTH) spins, and are comfortable with these moves, you can then explore different ways to manipulate the rifle.

A wide vocabulary helps create variations which then expanded the vocabulary even more. But how does a Driller widen his or her vocabulary? Through experimentation. There are several ways you can experiment.

Hand Placement
Let’s say you are spinning a rifle in a flow segment that you have created that goes from single front spins with the left hand into a BTB spin while turning your body 180° twice to end up at Port Arms. Moving through that sequence as slowly as you can you can feel the rifle in each hand- but what if you change the position of one of your hands? What if instead of catching the rifle on the bottom to move into the BTB you actually catch the rifle with your hand on top? Where can this position then take you and the rifle? Or you could extend your reach and catch the rifle underneath closer towards the end where the barrel is, where would this take you and the rifle?

This may be stating the obvious but, you have to let the rifle’s momentum work for you.

Stopping the rifle with different parts of your body (arm, foot, thigh, hand) is another way to experiment.

Individual Move Variations
So, you can execute a Ninja well. How about a backward Ninja (rifle spins the opposite direction and hands directly opposite on the rifle)? Do you spin the rifle only in one direction? Start spinning in both directions. Spinning in the opposite direction can open up new move variations.

Are you right- or left-hand dominant? Start using your less dominant hand. This will open up all kinds of opportunities for variation.

Be as creative as possible. If you need some personal help, shoot me a message through the Contact page. I critique videos all the time.

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