How to Train when not “Practicing”

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Here are some simple tips that you can do on your own each day to help you improve your body development which will help you improve your drill overall.

When doing those simple daily tasks, change it up, keep the body guessing:

  • When brushing your teeth, stand on one leg while you brush the bottom teeth; switch to the other leg while you brush the top teeth. It may sound really silly, but it works! When merely standing on one leg is no longer a challenge, keep standing on that one leg and move your other leg in front of you or extend it behind you as you bend at the waist and hold that position. This is great for balance. (Image courtesy of
  • When in the shower, don’t bend your head forward too much while washing your hair- keep it up or have the shower head point at the back of your head. This will help with posture
  • When vacuuming or on the computer using a mouse, use your non-dominant hand/arm. This will help you work on ambidexterity (using both hands).
  • When walking- anywhere and everywhere, make sure that you stand up straight and that your feet point straight in front of you.
  • Can you think of other ways?

Remember: Practice Makes Permanent!

Keep doing these simple things again and again and you will eventually notice improvement- really!

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