The Spinnable Saber!

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What am I talking about? Well, in same competitions cadets are not allowed to let the sword or saber leave their hand- they cannot spin their chosen piece of drill equipment. Now, that has led to some creative work being done by a small handful of Drillers- which is an excellent thing! However, it also stifles other creativity. I have an answer to the predicament that comes from the color guard world (remember, here at DrillMaster color guard= marching band or winter guard and color team = military).

Above is the Excalibur Saber (photo courtesy of Bandshoppe). It is one of the sabers used by color guard units all over the world and it is safe! I really hope that more military drill teams will begin to explore the uses of this great piece of equipment, it can only bring benefits.

As far as ceremonial use goes, this is a saber that a cordon could use since it does fit into a scabbard. Who wants to beat up a ceremonial saber anymore anyway now that we have the spinnable saber?

Note: The Band Shoppe is just one of the web sites that carries color guard sabers from where I have purchased before.

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