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Claude Pepper Junior Leadership Pilot Program (CPJLPP)
Maritime and Science Technology Academy

This page is the culmination of hours of research to bring information on all of the cadet programs available American youth. If youknow of yet another program, please let me know and I will add their information.

JROTC Programs (in joint service order)

JROTC stand for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and is a high school program sponsored by each military service

The Coast Guard currently has three “JROTC” programs.

1) The Claude Pepper Junior Leadership Pilot Program (CPJLPP) was created at the Maritime and Science Technology Academy (MAST) located in Miami, Fl. The CPJLPP was created December 1989 with the passing of Pub. L. 101-225, title II, Sec. 204. This congressional mandate formed the CPJLPP which was modeled off of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) units of other Services. MAST has evolved from a Trade School to a “Top 100,” nationally recognized high school with over 95% of its student body college bound immediately after graduation. The huge minority base of the student population routinely receives scholarships to prestigious colleges and universities. The curriculum provides the students a challenging environment in which to learn. (MAST picture at right)

2) Camden County/CamTech High School (CCHS) Junior Leadership Program in Camden County, NC (just outside Elizabeth City, NC). The Junior Reserve Officer Training Pilot Program (JROTPP), now referred to as the Junior Leadership Program (JLP) was created at the Camden County High School (CCHS) on 19 April 2010 in following the legislation in Pub. L. 109-241, title IV, Sec. 401. This congressional mandate formed the JLP which was modeled off of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) units of other Services. The JLP is broken up into two semesters and each student takes JLP classes for one semester a school year. During their “off” semester, the students are expected to participate in calisthenics, drill and extra-curricular activities. CCHS has had the highest rate of graduation in the local Elizabeth City, N.C. area, but the purpose of the JLP is largely to keep students in school through graduation.

New in SY 23/24!

3) Mission Bay High School, San Diego (CA) now has the first CGJROTC program on the west coast! The Coast Guard plan is to open one CGJROTC in each Coast Guard district by 2025.

The JROTC programs educate high school students on leadership, citizenship, nautical science, close order drill and general military knowledge. From here

Kentucky National Guard’s “JROTC” program: Jr. Guard

From a KY Jr. Guard instructor: The JR. Guard program is a collaborative partnership between our Youth Service Center and the 1/623rd Kentucky Army National Guard. The program began in the 1995-96 school year with approximately 15 students. The idea was to target “at-risk” kids who were falling through the cracks of our educational system. Students are provided with a JR. ROTC-like opportunity that links our school and the military. Through this opportunity we hope to find a niche for those students who may not be able to find there way elsewhere in the school.

The students in the program are linked with National Guard members who serve as mentors. These mentors meet with the students on a regular basis. They participate in experiential activities that demonstrate the value of classroom learning with adult guardsmen.
The students are taught things like self-discipline, rapelling, marching, drill and ceremony, use of night vision goggles, map reading, marksmanship, military etiquette, first aid, physical fitness, and the list goes on and on. The culmination of the year brings the students to our annual FTX (Field Training Exercise). At the FTX, students put into play, what they have been practicing all year long.
During the 1998-99 school year, the Kentucky School Boards Association, through their Public Education Achieves in Kentucky (PEAK) Award, recognized this innovation design because it enhances student learning and promotes public education. While the program initially targeted an “at-risk” population, the popularity of the program has grown so that there is a waiting list every year of the students and parents who want to participate in the program.
We have seen a reduction in disciplinary problems with these students and a dramatic improvement in student self-esteem and achievement. Currently the program includes students in grades 6-12 at participating schools. The schools that are participating are in 8 different school systems across the state of Kentucky.

College ROTC Programs

*A graduate of Navy ROTC can commission into the Coast Guard.

Service Academies

*A graduate of the MMA can commission into the Navy.

Non School-Based Programs (high school age and younger)

Note: Many cadet programs start up and then disappear in a few years. armyx.org is gone, armyxplorers.us has nothing to do with a cadet program, etc. There is no way I can keep up, but I will update this every once in a while.

Middle School Programs

After-School Program

There are also dozens of military schools, academies and institutes across the United States that offer boarding for young boys and girls through junior college. As an example, New Mexico Military Institute, the school I attended from 1983-1985.

Updated: 5 January 24

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      Mrs. Lamb,

      Thank you very much for visiting the DrillMaster web site and the great question. While JROTC is only for high school students, this is what I found for you: Sequim, Washington has Civil Air Patrol, a cadet program run by the US Air Force: http://locationslocal.com/index.php/SQZP/Civil+Air+Patrol/Sequim+WA/. The US Navy runs a cadet program called Sea Cadets. There are a few locations in Washington state that you can se here: http://dolphin.seacadets.org/US_units/unitlist_public.asp?stateid=wa. The Young Marines have programs in your state: http://www.youngmarines.com/StateUnits.asp?Action=State&StateCode=WA. The Army has a cadet program here: http://www.goarmycadets.com/cadet-information-request.php.

      Sequim High School has a JROTC program that is waiting for the 12 -year old and when the young man is 17 he can join the Sheriff’s Cadet program: http://jeffco.us/jeffco/sheriff_uploads/cadet.pdf.

      I hope this is helpful for you. Please let me know if I can help further.

      John K. Marshall
      “The DrillMaster”

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