Drill Team Recruiting

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DrillMaster explains a different approach to the problem of drill team practice attendance and recruiting.

Color in a Color Guard

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You may think that this is an oxymoron, of course there is color in a color guard- the team carried flags, hello! However, let’s look a little closer at some specifics. High schools have a school song, motto, and even school colors. Those colors can really enhance rifles: yellow tape used to make stripes on a black rifle stock or …

Making Things More “Ceremonialer”

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“Ceremonialer” is the term I created as I’ve watched members of the military, first responders (many who are veterans), and cadets perform movements that do not bring any more reverence or honor to what they are doing at ceremonies . Similar terms would be: When it comes to the American flag and rendering honors, never should anyone use the thinking, …

A Reading Plan for JROTC Instructors and Cadets

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For many years now, I’ve received requests from JROTC instructors, especially those recently retired and new to the program, and some highly motivated cadets as to where to begin when teaching/learning drill. For regulation and color guard drill: Army- Training Circular (TC) 3-21.5.  Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard- Marine Corps Order (MCO)P5060.2 Air Force*- Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 36-2203 …

The DrillMaster Drill Team Improvement Seminar

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JROTC units across the country send drill teams and colors guards to drill competitions for many of the school year’s Saturdays. Whether your team is competitive in World Class events or can only afford a couple of hours of practice each week, everyone can benefit from this course. Download the flyer from my Downloads page under the DrillMaster University heading. …

The DrillMaster DrillUp! Clinic

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I’ve been teaching in various official capacities since 1986 and since 2009, I’ve been teaching various elements of what I have developed into a formal clinic for cadets, mainly, and JROTC instructors. The best news is that the clinic is free! I teach it to JROTC units as I travel the country instructing first responder ceremonial units. The text of the …

First Overseas DrillMaster Trip

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During my 20-year US Air Force Career, I was stationed in three European countries and Japan as well as two states. I had not been to the Middle East or the African continent.  Those two places are now added to the list. PART I Six Months in Planning Apparently, I have a fan or two overseas. One just happens to …

Drill Team Organizational Guidance Examples

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Standards. The military is about setting and maintaining standards- even exceeding them. A cadet organization is not different. An extra-curricular activity of that program also needs to set and maintain standards. Those standards are of what is expected from each team member and what each team member can expect. Here are some examples. I encourage you to look them over, …

How to Execute Change Step

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Give the command, Change Step, MARCH! on the right foot. In the image at right, you can see the foot placements just before, during and right after giving the command. The following is what each service manual says on the specific execution of the command. A non-military explanation of the steps:The tempo range is 116-124 SPM (steps per minute) for the …

JROTC Drill Team Issues

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DrillMaster, My name is John and I was selected to be the drill commander for this year. It’s only been a few days and we are already having problems, especially between my selected leaders. The whole atmosphere changed the next day when my AI handed me the drill cord, it was like my leaders didn’t want to socialize with me …