The Ultra-Reinforced DrillMaster Bayonet

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It took three months to create the final version of the Ultra-Reinforced DrillMaster bayonet. The DrillMaster worked with the Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team and Supply Airmen to create this extremely reinforced bayonet. The picture below is the final version. extra spot welds and a small plate of steel to reinforce the handle. This DrillMaster Bayonet* is the Air Force …

Creating your own Exhibition Drill Uniform

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Military-type exhibition Drillers around the world are looking more and more into developing their own uniform…

How to Sand Your Stock

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How to Sand Your Stock [embedplusvideo height=”360″ width=”591″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=7DpZOGp-clM&width=591&height=360&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1157″ /]

This Sling is too Long!

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Many ready-to-use slings that you will purchase are quite long and cannot be completely secured without using tape and the tape then makes that part of the sling sticky and other issues can arise from using tape on the sling. Here is an easy way to shorten a sling ensuring safe spinning without the sling flapping around. Before I get …

The Stacking Swivel and Stack Arms

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Many Drillers who are not aware of what the stacking swivel is and what it is used for assume it is another swivel for attaching a sling, especially since most slings purchased today are very unnecessarily long (if you cut about 6 inches off of the sewn end, it will fit just fine). Here is a typical example: Even some …

Who makes the rifles that drill teams use?

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“We are the makers of rifles, and we are the dreamers of dreams” The M1917 “American Enfield” (9lbs. used from 1917 to mid 1960s, eventually replaced by the M1903) Winchester, Remington and Eddystone (Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone, Pennsylvania). The British made the Lee Enfield Rifles which date from the late 1800s to the present day. Numerous version were created, …

The Best Rifle with which to Start Drilling

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Seriously, the best rifle to start drilling with at home would be the one that is the least expensive and would help you learn how to drill. You could then progress from there. What rifle is best to start out? The DrillMaster iDrill M1 or M1903 Rifle. Why? Because it costs less than $10 to make. Go to the Downloads …

Does a Drill Rifle Type Matter?

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Hypothetical situation (yet common): “Well we use M1 Grands and ours weigh 15lbs.” Oh. Really? That would be Garand, named after the man who created the rifle, Canadian-born, John Cantius Garand. For some reason some Drillers think that the heavier the rifle is, the better a Driller you are. This is simply not true. All rifles, including 2lb color guard …

Weapon and Tool Nomenclatures

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Nomenclatures The M1 Garand The M14 The M1903A3 The Enfield Rifle The Fire Axe The Pike Pole This information if from The Honor Guard Manual and is (c) John K. Marshall

Armed Driller Alternatives

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‘Part One’ of this post is here: Psst, Hey Buddy. Armed Exhibition Drill Rifles for Sale The above blog post is great if you want to buy a demilitarized rifle or even a working 1903, M14 or M1 Garand, but what else is out there and are these alternatives right for military drill? Well, let’s look and see: Let’s start …