The Best Rifle with which to Start Drilling

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Seriously, the best rifle to start drilling with at home would be the one that is the least expensive and would help you learn how to drill. You could then progress from there.

What rifle is best to start out?
The DrillMaster iDrill M1 or M1903 Rifle. Why? Because it costs less than $10 to make. Go to the Downloads page to download the patterns.

But it’s only about 2lbs.
If you like drilling and prefer the rifle your school uses, then save your money and buy a Daisy M1903 Drill Rifle, or Glendale DrillAmerica M1 or M1903. In the end, you experimented with a rifle that cost you your time to make it and a few bucks.

There are some great choices out there and you can start small and work up to a fully-weighted replica or even a demil’d (demilitarized) rifle.

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