The Stacking Swivel and Stack Arms

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Many Drillers who are not aware of what the stacking swivel is and what it is used for assume it is another swivel for attaching a sling, especially since most slings purchased today are very unnecessarily long (if you cut about 6 inches off of the sewn end, it will fit just fine). Here is a typical example: Even some …

What is another rifle with which you could practice?

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Great question! Here is the info: Standard for the military drill world (MDW) in America are the  M1 Garand, M14, M1903A3 and, to a lesser extent the M1917 (Enfield). There are also some color teams/honor guards that use the Russian-made Krag rifle. Real, demilitarized rifles are listed here: Pssst, Hey Buddy Wanna Buy an M1903? Replica rifles are here: Armed …

Drill Inside a Church?

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Can one drill inside a church? This question was posed to me specifically about an exhibition drill sword routine, but it applies to all weapons as well. Here is the guidance: You must seek the church leader (pastor, rabbi or priest) and see what he says. The thinking is a church is deemed a sanctuary and under the protection of …

M1 Garand Reimportation from Korea to the USA

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This has been a big issue and yet it has remained relatively behind the scenes. From 2010: If this goes through Drillers, hunters, collectors and gun enthusiasts will benefit tremendously. You can read the latest full story here: