The Stacking Swivel and Stack Arms

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Many Drillers who are not aware of what the stacking swivel is and what it is used for assume it is another swivel for attaching a sling, especially since most slings purchased today are very unnecessarily long (if you cut about 6 inches off of the sewn end, it will fit just fine). Here is a typical example: Even some …

What is another rifle with which you could practice?

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Great question! Here is the info: Standard for the military drill world (MDW) in America are the  M1 Garand, M14, M1903A3 and, to a lesser extent the M1917 (Enfield). There are also some color teams/honor guards that use the Russian-made Krag rifle. Real, demilitarized rifles are listed here: Pssst, Hey Buddy Wanna Buy an M1903? Replica rifles are here: Armed …

Drill Inside a Church?

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Can one drill inside a church? This question was posed to me specifically about an exhibition drill sword routine, but it applies to all weapons as well. Here is the guidance: You must seek the church leader (pastor, rabbi or priest) and see what he says. The thinking is a church is deemed a sanctuary and under the protection of …

Weapon and Tool Nomenclatures

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Nomenclatures The M1 Garand The M14 The M1903A3 The Enfield Rifle The Fire Axe The Pike Pole This information if from The Honor Guard Manual and is (c) John K. Marshall

M1 Garand Reimportation from Korea to the USA

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This has been a big issue and yet it has remained relatively behind the scenes. From 2010: If this goes through Drillers, hunters, collectors and gun enthusiasts will benefit tremendously. You can read the latest full story here: