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No School JROTC or CAP Program?

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No problem!

There are all kinds of cadet and explorer programs attached to elementary and high schools around the country. Read more about them here. Some schools have a small program that concentrates on providing a color guard and/or a Flag Detail. But how do you start one?

I have received this question before and provided guidance and now that I have received it again, I think we should take a look at something a student might want to start.

Firs Things First, Second Things Second, and so on…

First, write up a proposal of what you want the program to do.

  • You could have a color guard (presents the colors at all kinds of functions) and/or a flag detail (raises and lowers the flag daily).
  • You will want to include what standards to follow (usually, Army: TC 3-21.5 and AR 840-10).
  • Suggest a type of uniform, something that everyone could wear without spending an excessive amount of money (you could begin with jeans and a polo-type shirt and progress from there).
  • Set up training days and times. How often? How long?
  • Write up what the leadership positions will be. The Color Guard Captain carries the American flag, what are the position’s other responsibilities? What does the Flag Detail Captain do?
  • Create a brief curriculum to teach each position of a color guard and/or the flag detail.

Second, get a worksheet together (I did most of the work for you at that link) on the equipment you think you will need and have an idea for fundraising to take care of purchasing the equipment.

Finally, get all of your ducks in a row and schedule some time with the principal and even the superintendent to give a briefing on the plans you have. This will enable support at the top that can begin the search for a teacher/staff member who will sponsor the program at the school.

Your club doesn’t have to be a “military club” but a small organization whose members want to serve the school and community by properly rendering honors at games and other occasions.

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