Three-Man Color Team for former President Ronald Reagan

Civil Air Patrol, Naval Sea Cadet Corps, or Coast Guard Auxiliary Member Funeral

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I received a message a short time ago regarding cadets taking part in the funeral of a civilian adult who was a member of Civil Air Patrol. This applies not only to CAP but also NSCC, and CGA (CGA has some interaction with the Sea Scout program). Military Funeral Honors Public Law 106-65 amended Title 10 U.S. Code § 1491 …

JROTC Cadet Full Honors Funeral?

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UPDATE: I know that the image can be a bit offensive, but so is the call for official Military Funeral Honors. The image is meant to denigrate the thought process behind the petition, NOT the cadet, or any cadet, for that matter. I’ve already received several private messages from first responders who have had similar situations with the death of …