Folding the American Flag with Two People

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The 2-Man Flag Fold (relax, “man” does not always mean “male,” in this case it denotes position)

Many have attempted it and many have failed miserably. The following video shows, in general, how to accomplish folding the American flag. At a later date, I will go into great detail on how this is done. In the mean time, there is my book, The Honor Guard Manual and these videos.

Question: Is this the only way to fold the flag?

Answer: No, there are slight variations. However, in order to completely support the flag and have it be as professional as possible, yes, this is the only way.

Question: Did the DrillMaster create this variation of the folding process?

Answer: Probably not. I didn’t learn it from anyone, I just developed it on my own and train others to fold it this way. I would think that someone else has done the same at some point.

Question: There are other videos on the web of the flag fold, why have one of your own?

Answer: Because many of the other videos show terrible flag folding procedures. Even the videos made by those who you would think would be perfect.

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