Folded American Flag

How Should Multiple Flags be Folded When Taken Down?

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This is for outside flags (attached to a halyard and flown from a pole), not indoor/outdoor flags (for color guard flagstaffs for carrying only). The American Flag The American flag must always be folded into a triangle (ref: Flag Code). If it is wet from rain or snow, it is taken down, folded, and brought inside where it is unfolded …

Folding the American Flag with Two People

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The 2-Man Flag Fold (relax, “man” does not always mean “male,” in this case it denotes position) Many have attempted it and many have failed miserably. The following video shows, in general, how to accomplish folding the American flag. At a later date, I will go into great detail on how this is done. In the mean time, there is …