Ask the DrillMaster: Saber Spinning

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Q: Can you spin a saber in a competition?

A: No. Yes. No, most drill meets will not allow a cadet to spin a saber or sword since both have a relatively sharp edge and a point. Safety is a big concern here, understandably. And now for the “Yes” of the question.

Yes! Spin a color guard saber! Marching band color guards and winter guards have been spinning these for years and I cannot understand why the military drill world has not picked up on these! Below is a picture of my Excalibur Saber made by Director’s Showcase that I purchased from I have the 36″ model and there is also a 39″ model as well.

Color guard sabers are the same thing except that the “blade” of the saber is a rounded piece of metal with a rounded tip. No more sharp blade safety concerns. And, even better, it fits perfectly into a ‘real’ saber scabbard.

Color guard sabers also come with guards that wrap around the handle and fit on the tip. You can also easily replace the handle and blade.


So, start spinning!

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