The DrillAmerica Parade Rifle is Here!

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Yes Drillers, it’s here! Glendale ( has developed a better rifle for parade and alternative arms use! Dubbed the DrillAmerica Parade Rifle, it is the newest addition to the DrillAmerica family of outstanding drill rifles.

No more flimsy, lightweight wood! The new rifle has a resin stock, just like its DrillAmerica siblings. Even better, it comes with a black, brown or white stock!

“Full 42″ size, 4.2 lbs, high impact resin, nickel-plated barrel and bolt, rubber butt plate, stacking swivel, operating bolt action and clicking trigger. Includes a black heavy web rifle sling with nickel hardware. No bayonet lug. Recommended for parade use and Alternative Arms Drillers.”

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  1. Does this particular replica (DrillAmerica Parade Rifle) have/feature a moving bolt? How is the balance on this rifle?

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      Hi Calvin,

      From what I can tell the balance is quite good and similar to the 1903 and there is a moving bolt. The new DrillAmerica Parade Rifles (now in black, brown and white stocks!) are a perfect fit.


      1. That is awesome to hear. I am definitely considering getting this since the 1903A3 Replica from Glendale is a little bit out of my budget. I’ve been having speculations whether or not the DrillAmerica Parade Rifle advertised on is the same on this post. Is it okay if you can confirm this for me? The link to the product is here:
        Also, is it advisable that I purchase the rifle through as opposed to Thanks for the help DrillMaster.

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