Vocabulary Vs. Excellence

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XD K-state-eduMany members of the Military Drill World catch the bug for solo exhibition drill (XD) and create a lifestyle around spinning. Some of the newest XD Drillers, however, try to be a world-class Driller in a matter of weeks by attempting to learn as many moves or “tricks” as possible. Thinking that is the way to go- no real direction, just create an immense vocabulary, no matter what it all looks like. Here is some direction for you:

It has taken Sam, Andres, Matt and literally countless other Drillers years of work to get where they are and not just two or three years, I’m talking serious, dedicated work for well over five years each. Yes, you will see improvement within the first year, but do not kid yourself in thinking that you have finally “arrived”. Keep on practicing and attending competitions.

Here is a comment that I’ve given to many new XD Drillers:
“You have a very wide vocabulary, but you really need to concentrate on excellence and building your core Muscles. Take one move, work on it for a few days and perfect it. If you are satisfied with the results, go to the next move and repeat the process, include the first move in your new “mini routine” and keep adding. If you throw all kinds of moves together and never really concentrate on developing each one individually, you will never generate the kind of excellence expected and really required in military drill.”

By following that advice, you will build a vocabulary the proper way, by concentrating on excellence and building the muscle groups that will help you manipulate the rifle. Who knows? Maybe one day you will be a challenge for one of these World-Class Drillers.

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