Two Ways to Execute About Face

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There are about five ways to execute About Face, but for this brief study, we will concentrate on the two ways to execute About Face to be within your service’s regulation drill and ceremonies manual, what I call The Straight Leg Method, where the knee is more or less locked throughout the movement and the right foot travels in a circular motion with the platform of the foot (ball of the foot to the toes) just clearing the ground, and The Bent Knee Method, where the knee is bent and the right foot travel the most direct route. Both accomplish the same movement, but only one is correct.

“Draw the C to make the V” this is a term used in the Marine Corps. It is the only method authorized for all of the American military.

About Face Straight Leg Method

About Face Straight Leg Method

How not to execute About Face:

About Face, Bent Knee Method

About Face, Bent Knee Method- not authorized for any service

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