The Mountain Rescue Association Honor Guard

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Mountain Rescue honor-guard-logoThe Mountain Rescue Association Honor Guard is a charitable service of the non-profit Mountain Rescue Association.

The purpose of the Mountain Rescue Honor Guard is

  • To provide respectful and dignified memorial services for fallen mountain rescue and search and rescue personnel, whether civilian, military, or otherwise, as well as for climbers and mountaineers who die in the course of rescuing others, and for the ongoing honoring of their memories. For these purposes, the MRA Honor Guard accepts no borders and considers all of these as brothers, sisters and family;
  • To honor our brothers and sisters in the general public safety (emergency response) community on special occasions, memorials and funerals, including law enforcement, fire service, and military; to participate in parades, as appropriate;
  • To acknowledge the people, both rescuers and families, and the history of the Mountain Rescue Association, including at each annual conference in June, and at memorials and funerals;
  • To acknowledge and promote the service of mountain search and rescue.

Services Whether passing “in the line of duty” or after retirement from their SAR team, we endeavor to ensure that none go without proper honors and recognition. We do this also for the families and to acknowledge the member’s sacrifice and contribution to their community. Click here to read more.

Mountain Rescue honor-guard

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