DrillMaster’s Guide to Life

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  • Keep the Ten Commandments
    1. It doesn’t matter if you do not believe in the One True God, His Commandments are the perfect guide to life for everyone.
    2. Do not steal. Ever. It doesn’t matter how much something costs. Don’t do it. Especially the “easy” stuff like software and music and other things over the Net.
  • Do NOT have sex (of any kind) before you get married!
  • This can be extremely difficult in certain situations- so don’t put yourself in those situations. Have respect for yourself and your girl/boyfriend.


  • Porn
  • Can ruin your life. Do not look at it, ever. Please stay away from it at all costs.


  • Don’t hate people, hate actions
  • Here is the difference: “I hate people who wear tight blue jeans.” Or, “I hate it when people wear tight blue jeans.” Do you really hate the person or what he/she is doing? The answer is you hate the action and not the person. I know, the person may be the biggest pain in your life, but don’t hate them; one day they may come around and see life differently and it could be because of you. I also know that this can be, at times, easier said than done.


  • Finish high school! (Or, preferably, home schooling up to graduation)
  • Without finishing, life can be rough, very rough. Consider school your main job while you are in it.
  • Go to college or a technical school
  • There are jobs that require a degree and jobs that require certifications. Choose what you would like to do and go for it wisely.


  • Don’t get married until you are 25
  • This is not a hard-and-fast rule, but you are finished with your schooling and already established in a career. It is not that long to wait. Yes, there are exceptions, but not many.
  • When married:
  • Put God at the center of your marriage and in front of everything you do
  • Never yell when in an argument
  • Never say ANYTHING derogatory about your spouse
  • Take responsibility for your actions; do not blame others for what you’ve done
  • Men: love your wife with a passionate and respectful love and lead your family in the right direction while accepting her input
  • Women: love your husband with a passionate and respectful love and follow his lead while offering your input


  • Having children
  • Have as many as you want, children are great!
  • There is no need for hitting (a quick spanking is not “hitting”- one smack on the butt can get the point across, but should be used VERY sparingly). I used firm language and a stern voice.
  • Raise them with logical consequences, though. Example: Telling your child that if s/he does not rake the leaves, then s/he cannot go out. (Now see #4)
  • Follow through with your words- immediately. I laugh at parents who tell their child something and then start counting. That’s teaching the child that they do not have to listen to you until you’ve finished practicing your numbers. When a parent says to do something, it had better happen right now. Period. The same goes for training a dog.
  • Give sound reasoning (when the child is old enough) for denials. Example: Your daughter wants to go out with friends. You tell her, “No,” and back it up with, “We will be leaving in 45 minutes to go to XYZ place, remember?” If you cannot back up a decision, then there is no reason for a refusal. “Because I said so,” is a weak and controlling statement.
  • Do not be condescending or abusive, your job as a parent is to teach your children.


  • How you were raised
  • I’m very sorry about whatever bad situation(s) you’ve had. Try to understand that your parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had. Maybe they had zero knowledge and did a horrible job or maybe they had some inkling of parenting and only failed in certain areas. Whatever the case, take the knowledge you’ve gained from them (and this) and set new goals for your children.
  • Question authority with respect
  • Law enforcement officers (LEOs) are people too, they can be wrong or make bad decisions/choices. A majority of LEOs are awesome, great people. Some police are just bullies and love their power. Giving back to an LEO bully what you are getting may get you killed. Know your rights and know them well. Read up on the Constitution, Bill of Rights and your state’s laws. Your knowledge could very well help you or someone you know one day.
  • Don’t drink while you are under age unless you have your parent’s permission and you are in their presence. When you are old enough to drink (really, there is nothing that is all that wonderful about alcohol), do it responsibly. I mean it.

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