The Military Cordon

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Military cordons (two lines of people, armed or unarmed, facing each other) are used for arrival/departure ceremonies and awards banquets. While the rifle manual here needs work, they do a fine job.   If you have any questions, please ask.

Drill Team and Honor Guard Unit Training

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In the military, we train. And we train, and train and train. We have major training scenarios (exercises) that involve multiple services and other countries, we have them for a single military installation, single unit training, all the way down to military specialty and ancillary training for each individual. It’s time consuming, but well worth the effort. After all, lives …

The Honor Guard Color Team Performance Critique

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Another great free tool from The DrillMaster! Click here to view/download: The Honor Guard Color Team Performance Critique Use any time you have a color team (color guard) performing- even in a training situation. It is a great way to enhance knowledge and develop a keen eye in your honor guard members for what is right and wrong in a color team …

Having a Complete Plan for a Performance

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This information applies to any performance: presentation/posting of the colors, solo exhibition or drill team routine. The key is acting with nothing but professionalism the whole time. Before: Arrive at least an hour early. No two performances are the same and the more time you have to set up and rehearse, the better. Speak with your point of contact as soon …

Operation Safety 91 (OS91)

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A favorite reading and prayer of soldiers (small “S” to include everyone in military service), it is now being applied to first responders as well. Firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel all fight a certain kind of battle sometimes on a daily basis. And this is where the organization, Operation Safety 91, comes in. They minister and provide …