Refurbishing the Flagstaff Spade Finial

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There are spade finials out there that are damaged, I’m sure. Here, you will see the steps to make a spade finial presentable again. I use the word, presentable, because I am using things I have on hand to try to keep costs low.

The Flagstaff Spade Marker

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The Flagstaff/Guidon Staff The guidon staff comes in three sizes for the US military: 7′ – for colors to post ONLY (USAF only – these staffs are NEVER carried in any other circumstance, ever) 8′ – for guidon flags and 3′ x 4′ colors (all services) 9′ – for 4’4″ x 5’6″ flags (Air Force, as of 2019, it used …