Manuals for Teaching Regulation Drill for Each Service!

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Cover- Front Color Team (Color Guard) Coach's Field ManualYou can’t very well take your service’s drill and ceremonies manual outside with you and train from that- but training from the source is the best thing to do. How can you get around this obstacle to teaching?

Announcing the publishing of DrillMaster’s Color Team Coach’s Field Manual. Yes, for the field! Take it with you in your pocket, it is 6″ x 9″. Teaching regulation drill has never been easier!

Soon, the DrillMaster’s Drill Team Coach’s Manual will be available. Teaching regulation drill will be much easier with both of these new tools in your pocket!

Created to help instructors and cadets of competitive color teams and drill teams, these manuals mirror exactly what is in each service’s drill and ceremonies manual, but in an easy-to-handle spiral-bound book form. No more guessing what is exactly the correct way to execute a more or procedure while out on the drill field. Every movement of a competitive routine is listed from Standing Manual through the Manual of Arms, Manual of the Flagstaff, Marching, etc. These are quick reference guides with room for your notes- they do not replace the service drill and ceremonies manuals!

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