LUCK… Has Nothing To Do With It

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“Good luck!” We say it without even thinking and we mean well by it. It’s what most of us first think when we hear something like this: “My team has a competition this Saturday.”

“Break a leg!” has already been taken by the acting community, but I’m not really looking for something new to say.

What is “luck”? It is success or failure brought on by chance rather than through one’s own actions. You mean to tell me that my team and I have worked for weeks, hour after hour, designing and perfecting a routine and it all comes down to a roll of the dice? Not hardly.

This is why the military drill world needs trained judges.
(Insert rant about having trained and certified judges here)

So then it can actually be an insult to wish someone luck before a performance. Why an insult? Because of the training that has gone on behind the scenes. Excellent effective drill routines along with fully trained team members do not drop off of trees. It all comes about through hard work, long hours and creativity. There are never any shortcuts to excellence, success and winning. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a trophy with a number “1” on it is what it means to win.

(Insert narrative on “success” and “winning“)

Well, what does one say to a Driller or a team that has worked tirelessly for weeks on end and has produced such a wonderful visual creation?

  • “What a great opportunity!” To show everyone the result of your hard work.
  • “You have the advantage!” From all of the practicing you’ve put in.

Those have great meaning behind them, but they just don’t roll off the tongue really well. How about:

“Do your best!”
“Have fun!”

That’s more like it. Whether it’s your first or 101 time performing, always put your best into it. By all means have fun as well and cheer on the other competitors.

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