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Question: I was watching YouTube and I noticed some people competed in two different rounds at the same competition, but my question is that would a competitor be able to use one sequence for one round and use a whole other sequence for the other round? Or do they have to have the same sequence?

Answer: Thanks for the question!

Rounds are an interesting way to build excitement and momentum in a competition. I’m all for it, Drum Corps International has been doing that for decades with Semifinals, Quarterfinals and Finals. Some corps would show up for the last night with a completely different ending than what they had marched all year long and just blow the crowd away. I’d like to see that happen n the drill world- not to have two completely different routines, but to add little variations here and there and/or even have a completely different ending that comes out of the clear blue sky.

No, a Driller doesn’t have to march the exact same routine for every competition nor for different rounds in the same competition.

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