What to do When the American Flag Passes

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Stand. If in uniform, salute. That’s what everyone should do to pay respects to the only flag on the face of the earth that stands for liberty, personal liberty. Men and women have fought for this flag against tyranny for decades and that is why we should stand.

However, in America you are free and have the freedom o sit when it passes or even burn it, spit on it, write on it and anything else to show your displeasure with whatever bothers you.

American flag desecration: Amazingly, I support their right to walk on and spray paint our beloved flag. The flag under which my wife and I each served for 20 years. There are much better ways to communicate, but some people feel it is necessary to ruin America’s most loved symbol. Just because so many people, including me, think that those who communicate this way are morons who probably cannot think beyong their next serving of fast food French fries, does not mean we restrict what they say or how they say it. Freedom has many responsibilities and one cannot legislate intelligence on how to use those freedoms wisely.


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