How to Write Drill

The Seven Parts of an Exhibition Drill Routine

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The Seven Parts of an Exhibition Drill Routine In the article, How to Keep a Drill Team Going, I briefly mentioned the seven parts of an exhibition drill (XD) routine. Here, I will expand on and explain those parts. These parts are a good way to break down the routine into digestible parts when programing (creating). The information provided below …

Routine Mapping Tool Sample

How to Write Drill

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Drill is not boring, unless you do the same thing over and over or you execute very simple moves with “dead” time in between. How can drill be “exciting”? Variation. Variation of: Hand, arm, leg and head movements Body movement Step style Tempo You can get a sample of some drill movements in Exhibition Drill For The Military Drill Team. …

What is “Flow”?

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This is Flo at the Top Her name is right there on her name tag. However, we are talking about, “flow” in armed and unarmed exhibition drill which is broken into three different types. This is not Flow Before we get into the two types of flow, let’s quickly go over what flow isn’t. Flow is not a sequence like this: …

You Don’t Really Need to Practice?

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You don’t really need to practice! You will be able to throw a rifle around in just a matter of weeks, especially if you sleep with your drill rifle under your pillow. OK, enough sarcasm, you need to practice. Every day. For a couple of hours at least and then wake up and do it again. World-class Driller Sam Gozo …

Bayonet, Bayonet, Who’s Got the Bayonet?

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The DrillMaster Bayonet is for the M1 Garand and M1903 rifles, it is a real bayonet, but the blade tip is rounded, it does not have a sharp edge and has welds for extra stability- there is also an unwelded version. Armed drill has a certain amount of danger; drilling bladed ups the ante considerably. The DrillMaster Bayonet is a ‘safer’ …