Bayonet, Bayonet, Who’s Got the Bayonet?

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The DrillMaster Bayonet is for the M1 Garand and M1903 rifles, it is a real bayonet, but the blade tip is rounded, it does not have a sharp edge and has welds for extra stability- there is also an unwelded version. Armed drill has a certain amount of danger; drilling bladed ups the ante considerably. The DrillMaster Bayonet is a ‘safer’ bayonet for Drillers.

Click on the DrillMaster Bayonet tab to order yours now!

Click here and find out all about the DrillMaster Driller’s Bayonet.

Bayonet Information (Learn as much as you can before buying)

Gary Cunningham has a website that has a great deal of information about bayonets.

There is great, detailed information at World M4-M7 Series, WWI, WWII and Post War

  • The M6 (6.625 in.*) bayonet is made for the M14 rifle
  • The M1905 (16 in.*) is made for both the M1 Garand and the M1903 rifles
  • M1942 (16 in.* an exact copy of the M1905) is made for both the M1 Garand and the M1903 rifles
  • The M1 (10 in.*, a shortened M1905) is made for both the M1 Garand and the M1903 rifles
  • The M1 (10 in.*) is made for both the M1 Garand and the M1903 rifles
  • The M5, M5-1 and M5A1 (6.625 in.*) are made for the M1 Garand rifle

About original bayonets

US WW2 made:

AFH – American Fork and Hoe
OL – Oneida Limited
PAL – Pal Blade and Tool
UC – Utica Cutlery
UFH – Union Fork and Hoe

Made post WW2 (mostly in the 1950s) in other countries. Excellent copies, parts usually interchangeable.

Italy – several possible letter markings, does not use the US Shell and Flame mark.
Denmark – marked FKF, no shell and flame.
Japan – marked N P with a J under the shell and flame.
Taiwan – marked 60-6 over KS (markings inverted), no shell and flame.
Norway – marked with a crowned ornate K over the shell and flame.
Greece – EN-S over the shell and flame

You will want to get a reproduction bayonet since real bayonets can be expensive and can also be collector’s items.

Stay away from these web sites (non-drill worthy bayonets)

  • Cheaper Than Dirt- there is a reason why they are “cheaper than dirt”

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  1. I was wondering if this bayonet will work with the glendale M1 Garand if I were to tape the handle onto the gas cylinder/barrel (since it is missing the lug)

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      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the question. I don’t have a time table at all since it is an initial funding issue (the tooling and then creation process). I will keep everyone updated through the website.


  3. This is awesome! I hope this comes out very soon because i would most definately love to start exploring bladed drill.

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