What Base Honor Guard Members Need to Know: Uniform Trousers

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The Air Force Base Honor Guard (BHG) uniform is a modified standard USAF uniform. Stripes, an aiguillette, BHG arc and sewn creases are added like in the picture at right (that’s me, second from the left). You may notice that the right rifle guard’s stripe on his trouser leg is slightly bunched. This is a rampant problem with BHGs around …

Having a Complete Plan for a Performance

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This information applies to any performance: presentation/posting of the colors, solo exhibition or drill team routine. The key is acting with nothing but professionalism the whole time. Before: Arrive at least an hour early. No two performances are the same and the more time you have to set up and rehearse, the better. Speak with your point of contact as soon …

Do Standards even Matter?

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The picture at right was sent to me by a Facebook friend who is an Army JROTC instructor in Texas. He sent it with the note that, at this particular drill meet, the SOP stated that only authorized service uniforms were to be worn. He told me the reason for the strict uniform requirements: One year I saw a color guard …

Dress Right, DRESS!

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Dress Right, Dress If you are in the military. a cadet program or even a firefighter, law enforcement or EMS, you’ve heard “Dress Right, DXRESS!” at least once. While you may be amazed with my drawing abilities, stay focused on the info! Each service, spells out in some detail what is supposed to happen when given the command, Dress Right, …

How to Join a Service Honor Guard/Drill Team

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  FYI: Service honor guards are made up of all kinds of different members from all kinds of different military specialties. While the honor guard may have a specialty code (MOS/AFSC), the member’s “real” job is what that Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman or Coastie will eventually go back to, unless he/she decides to retrain. If the individual went directly from …

Written Critique of the USAF Drill Team 2012 Routine

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If you’d like to read my critique of the American Air Force’s Honor Guard Drill Team 2012 routine, go to their YouTube channel. If you have any questions or comments about the critique, fire away! DrillMaster Do you have a video you would like critiqued by The DrillMaster? Then please send an email!

Joint Service Order of the Colors

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The regulation that directs this order of precedence was Department of Defense Directive 1005.8, Order of Precedence of Members of Armed Forces of the United States When in Formations (31 October 1977) and now that information is contained in each service drill and ceremonies or protocol manual. The more interesting part of the story is the history behind why that …

The POW/MIA Table Ceremony

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Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA)Remembrance Ceremony Information Related: The Fallen First Responder Ceremony Use this article as a training guide for an indoor POW/MIA Ceremony. NOTE: The POW/MIA Ceremony setup and ceremony proper are NOT different for any service or organization, what you read below is it. There is no such thing as “POW/MIA USMC Regulations”* or POW/MIA Army Ceremony”. …


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Yes, it is another Joint Service Drill Competition that is now in the history books! This year’s competition also included a performance from the Tulane University Mardis Gras Drill Meet champions, the Merchant Marine Academy Drill Team. I judged each team on the World Drill Association Adjudication System’s Overall Effect caption. The scores I gave each team are in the …

The Left Flank and The Column Left

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Keep this image in mind as you read below. Span of Control CT asks: Hello DrillMaster, I would like to know if after giving left flank can the commander march backward while the platoon marches forward towards the commander during Regulation Drill. I have looked everywhere and nowhere can I find it. Answer: It’s good to hear from you; thanks …