Christmas Gifts For the Driller

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There is always the question of what to get someone who likes military drill (drill team or honor guard member) when Christmas or their birthday comes around. Here are some suggestions:

Number one on the list is equipment for practicing. Ya’ just gotta have this stuff!

The newest items for the military drill world are the Glendale DrillAmerica M1903 Replica Rifle. Whether you get the black of chromed version, this rifle is just beautiful and the upper band has a bayonet lug! If you have a ceremonial unit, the chromed version is a must! Click the picture to get to the Glendale website.

The DrillAMerica M1903 Replica

Glendale Parade Store Has 100s of great items, click and see.

Next is stuff to wear. If the Driller in your life has been there, but doesn’t have the T-shirt, then there is something missing!


Then there is DrillMasterWear

Give Blood, Drill Bladed

Drill Hard, or Go Home

Last comes other stuff like stickers, posters and mugs. This is gift giving at its best for Drillers and honor guardsmen.

Got Drill? Bumper Sticker

Drill Life Bumper Sticker

Peace, Love Drill Sticker

Plus a whole bunch more!

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