The Delta Airlines Honor Guard

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This is such a touching tribute from the employees of Delta Airlines. Yes, the colors are out of order, but this comes from the hearts of all involved and they should be commended. To them I say:

Semper ad Honorem
Always for Honor

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  1. I did not see a flag drapping the K-9 casket; however, I was not there to see it all and there could be reasons. I thought it was an upstanding job on all parts. I think the flight crew could salute the flag when shaking hands. Not sure though. Touching service and the only thing I could say as a Veteran is where can I sign up to volunteer? San Antonio, Texas

  2. Should the K9 Soldier’s casket have had a flag wrapping it?

    I read the note above they are volunteers and not official and colors out of order etc., but was wondering why the K9 Soldier’s casket was not wearing a flag.

    Thanks for the service of all in the military and their families that also sacrifice so much!

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      Hello Amy,

      Thank you for your question. From the video we can see that a flag is on the casket. Many times a casket or transfer case (an aluminum case, larger than a casket that is used to transport remains from the battlefield) has a flag draped over it and then the flag and casket are wrapped in plastic sheeting to ensure the flag does not fall off while in the aircraft during transport. Most likely the reason for the cut in the video is when the Delta employees are removing the plastic wrap while it is still on the elevator device.

  3. I just want to commend Delta Airlines on their patriotism and showing great respect for our fallen!!! I just wonder why there isn’t a FB page? I don’t remember seeing this on TV either? Was the second casket, the soldier’s K-9?
    Anyway, my hats off to Delta Airlines and their employees!!! True blue Americans!!!

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  4. To whom It May Concern, Thank You for your Honor Guard Team. Being a Veteran and a Pease Greeter, We do the same thing when the Soldiers come through the airport at Pease NH. Just a note, the one thing I noticed you don t do is have a guard on each end of your flag detail to guard the American flag. You don t need a weapon on each to do this. We just have the American Flag and a guard beside the flag. The American flag is the only thing that needs to be guarded. Thank You,

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