JROTC Class Regulation Drill Sequences

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JROTC Class Regulation Drill Sequences
Each JROTC has an annual inspection and for that inspection the inspector watches each class (platoon or flight) go through a sequence of commands. Some JROTC units use a standardized sequence from a drill competition and some use a sequence created for first-year JROTC cadets.

I decided to create score sheets for the latter based on the World Drill Association Adjudication system.

Army JROTC Squad Drill Overall Effect Score Sheet

Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard JROTC Overall Effect Score Sheet*

Air Force Overall Effect Score Sheet

JROTC Regulation Drill Sequence Movement Score Sheet

JROTC Regulation Drill Sequence Equipment Score Sheet

*I could not find any kind of sequence that is mandatory for NJROTC/MCJROTC, but I did find an annual inspection letter with some guidance, so I included that here.

If you desire to use any of these score sheets for your unit, please do so, you have my permission. You may not make changes to the sheets, however. To learn more about the World Drill Association Adjudication  System, click here. If you’d like any changes to be made or want a set of score sheets made for your unit/competition, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


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