Metronome’s Can Help!

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Drum and bugle corps, marching bands and (marching band) color guards, indoor drum lines and dancers all use metronomes to help with timing when they are training and practicing. Your drill team can benefit greatly and not just your drill team, everyone in a military drill-related organization could benefit.

When a music ensemble uses a metronome, when playing their instruments, the metronome is plugged into a loudspeaker and the beats come across loud and clear. For your drill team or color team, practicing regulation drill sequences with e metronome is extremely helpful to keep within the competitive steps per minute standard which is different for each service.

I use the Android application, Loud Metronome, on my phone when I teach. I link the phone, via Bluetooth, to a Braven external speaker. The phone is in my pocket and the speaker is at ear level for the team.

There are also electronic metronomes like the Dr Beat from BOSS. Click the picture to learn more.


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