First All-Native Female Color Team for 2013 Innaugural Parade

DrillMasterDrillCenter News Leave a Comment First All-Native Female Color TeamFirst All-Native Female Color Team for 2013 Innaugural Parade

Watch carefully during President Obama’s second inaugural parade this month, and you will see among the marching bands and the civic organizations a small group of women wearing bright blue dresses embroidered with the beading of their tribes and the insignia of their service. They are the Native American Women Warriors (NAWW), and they’re recognized as the country’s first all-female, all-Native American color guard.

NAWW was founded in 2010 by Mitchelene BigMan, a 22-year Army veteran and member of the Crow Nation. She served as a diesel mechanic at bases in Germany and Korea and did two tours in Iraq before retiring as a sergeant first class in 2009. Read more of this great story here.

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