The DrillMaster Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP)

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The DrillMaster Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP)

The Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP)
This program was designed to educate everyone regarding the world of military drill and the equipment used.

Demilitarized rifles are purchased through the vendors listed here.

Replica Rifles are purchased through vendors listed here.

To avoid confusion, it’s best to put some orange tape on the very end of the barrel or use the orange cap if the rifle came with one.
Better safe than sorry!

Driller and JROTC Units!
The DrillMaster developed a handout for the law enforcement community and for the public. Some people will always be nervous about “guns.” Education is the key. You can download the handout by clicking here. Next, hand out the flyer to every law enforcement unit in your county and even neighbors.

Let’s get the public and law enforcement agencies educated so we can avoid a Driller’s practice being interrupted by being handcuffed so that the LEO can check out the rifle.


Enfield Rifle (Demilitarized)

Springfield M1903 (W/Bayonet, Demilitarized)


Daisy Drill Rifle (M1903) Replica

DrillMaster Springfield M14 Replica


Glendale DrillAmerica M1 Garand Replica


Glendale DrillAmerica M1903 Replica


DrillMaster Driller’s Bayonet Replica
For the M1 Garand & M1903 Rifles
Rounded and never sharpened


Bayonets for the M1 Garand & M1903 Rifles

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