JROTC Cadet Full Honors Funeral?

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UPDATE: I know that the image can be a bit offensive, but so is the call for official Military Funeral Honors. The image is meant to denigrate the thought process behind the petition, NOT the cadet, or any cadet, for that matter.

I’ve already received several private messages from first responders who have had similar situations with the death of a junior firefighter or explorer. Feelings get hurt, but standards were made for a reason.

Original article: JROTC cadets do awesome things. At least two were killed last week in the Florida school shooting. Now, there is a petition to provide an official Full Military Honors funeral for one of the cadets because he apparently helped others to safety.

This cadet sounds like he was a great young man. My condolences to his family and friends.

JROTC cadets are not in the military. Period. They do not serve their country. Their belonging to JROTC does not entitle them to anything.

Volunteers providing honors would be great. I’ll even volunteer to train everyone for free. But, let’s stop trying to make something official that is not authorized. Standards are standards. Nothing prevents volunteers from honoring a friend.

Just so you know, I’ve already been called elitist and prideful regarding my stance on upholding standards in this situation. Argue a point, don’t throw names around. But there isn’t an argument for this. volunteers is the answer.

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